Everybody leaves.

After all the years and through all the seasons,
I trusted in you.

Through stormy weather and broken hearts,
Midnight conversations and miles,
Laughter from the driver’s seat,
You made promises.

Now your words are broken,
Friendships shattered,
Lost in the deafening radio silence.


You Can’t Go Back.

There was life before this.

There was a life, a very different life, that preceded this very moment. And in looking back it is easy to romanticize the past. To tie it up with pretty ribbons and decorate it with frilly things.

You know the past was both all and none of that. A series of the highest highs and lowest lows.

You’ve left behind precious memories and vicious scars. Felt incredible depths of love and fell deep into black holes of despair. All of it brought you here, to this present moment.

And you know you wouldn’t trade what you’ve got for the world. Still it does not keep you from longing for what might have been.