Why Can’t We Be Friends?

“I wish I could have loved you like a fairytale,” I thought as I drove over the Delaware. “I wish I could have loved you the way I dreamt I would when I was 16.” The thought lingered through every song, every word, every mile. And then you wanted nothing more. You wanted nothing more of me and the broken fantasy. So many years of waiting and emotional torture. So many nights spent awake wondering what you were doing and what if, what if, what if. Now it all fell off my bags like dust into the wind. The words you spoke, the words that brought my tears nearer to you, everything I wanted to hear for 15 years.. I glued them to the walls of my shattered dreams, hoping to mend what little heart I have left. If I couldn’t make it work with you, the man I stitched into the farthest and deepest corners of my dreams, then how could I possibly expect it to work with anyone else? And now, now we are — what we never were — a distant memory. I’m forgotten. You’re bitter.

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