Whole30: Day 14.

I am officially two weeks into the Whole30! Yay!

I am still very optimistic and loving this program. I’m reading the accompanying book It Starts With Food as well, and I have to say it’s been an eye opener. It’s so easy to overeat or eat non-whole foods when you don’t understand just how damaging they are to your body. I feel far more critical of what I am willing to put into my body the deeper into this book I get. Go read it!!!

My caloric intake has definitely improved, although it isn’t always easy. My workouts are improving, and my body is definitely getting stronger. While doing cardio fix this afternoon I definitely held on longer than I thought I could. I felt amazing when I finished!! Not only because I completed it without much modification but also because Reilly was there watching me. She was pushing me on and motivating me when I needed it most. Showing her how we can keep going despite being tired and how we build strength and stay determined, these are all things I do my very best to show her as often as I can. Being able to set a good example for her is important to me, and these past two weeks have given me plenty of opportunities.

My psoriasis hasn’t really been bothering me, but the other day my skin was red. It’s much better now and hopefully it continues to stay that way. That is something I am really wanting to keep at bay by eating better. I’ve had a little more bloating since I’ve been trying to eat more but not too much discomfort in that area. My sleep is still kind of awful. The lucid dreams that wake me in a panic to catch my breath are no fun but that’s a product of my overactive mind. I’m doing my best to make changes in that area as well.

I did start to experience something outlined on the Whole30 timeline this weekend: cravings for foods I used to eat. Since I increased my physical activity, dealt with a little extra frustration and also lost out on some decent sleep (coupled with that darn lingering fatigue) I started to feel lazy about cooking. I really didn’t do much of it this weekend, instead opting for really quick throw together meals. There were times when I wanted to grab a handful of this or that or finish Reilly’s sandwich instead of wasting food. It would have been so easy to give up and let myself have the junk but I didn’t. I reminded myself that I made a commitment, not only for 30 days but for the rest of my life. I wanted to feel better long term, not just for a short stint. And so I quickly snapped myself back into my new reality and grabbed something better. I made sure to keep plenty of fruit, veggies and nuts on hand. It made a world of difference. As today has gone on the cravings have decreased, and I feel mentally back on track.

It feels great to officially be over the halfway hump. It has been easier than the last time I gave it a go. I’m confident that now it will be a little bit of smoother sailing and my body and mind will continue to transform for the better.

Week 3, here I come!

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