Creativity Workshop.

I’m not typically one to pay attention to Facebook ads but when this one came across my timeline at 6:00 am I knew it was some sort of sign.

I’ve felt as though I’ve been lacking in creativity for a while. I have trouble finding inspiration these days yet my drive to create something – anything! – is overwhelming. So seeing a Creativity Workshop presented by Elizabeth Gilbert was like a flashing neon sign from the Universe. I need this and I love her. I bought in.

My hope in taking this course is to find inspiration in everyday life. I want to be able to tap into how the outside world makes me feel and bring it to life from within.

Section one, which I am completing now, is called ‘Uncover Your Creative Life.’ In it is a lesson in finding joy and finding what makes you feel alive. Liz says it doesn’t have to make sense and it doesn’t have to advance you. It simply needs to make you feel ‘purposeful,’ ‘joyful,’ and ‘effervescent.’

Creativity Notebook Prompt #1 is doing a Curiosity Cat Scan and writing on any of the given questions that spark an interest for 20 minutes. It is encouraged that we share our ideas if comfortable enough, and while I’m not fully comfortable with this I am trying to live beyond my fears so here goes…

What was the last thing you really wondered about?
Honestly, my purpose in life. Why am I not living a bigger life? Ever since I was a kid I had big dreams. I never wanted for materialistic possessions. I wanted grand experiences. Yes, even as a child I felt I was destined for greatness, to succeed, to see the world, to make something of myself. I knew I wanted a life I didn’t know beyond my current circumstances, and I knew I had to work hard at it. As an adult I miss that wonder. I miss dreaming big and believing it could all come true. And I have far too often wondered how I can get back some of that curiosity and thirst for life.

What are you doing when you feel most beautiful?
Laughing, being authentic, stepping outside of what I think I should be and being exactly who I am, not having a care in the world, taking care of myself.

What would you do for a living if you were not afraid of anything?
I would write. I would just write about anything and everything that interested me. I wouldn’t hold back because in that moment I don’t have all the knowledge or experience. I would go get it, and then I would creative something from it. Also, it has been a dream of mine to own a little coffee shop. With more of a lounge feel. Where people could come and enjoy one another, sit in silence and creative something of their own, where they could feel like they belong.

What did you love to do most of all when you were 8 years old?
Even as a child I loved to write. About anything. Poetry. I had a recycling club because I wanted to save the world. I never cared what anyone thought about me. I knew there was good to do in the world and it was my job to do it. So I thought up ways. I was in the Young Astronauts club in school. I loved books and Barbies and my dolls. I wasn’t bothered if my clothes didn’t particularly match, and I had the best darn pair of bright teal Keds that I’d gotten in New Hampshire.

–>>Part 2: What themes do I see? What is exciting to me? What do I want to use this course to start pursuing or start creating?

The common theme throughout all of these answers is basically living fearlessly and authentically, not attempting to fit into a mold, and doing something as big as I can imagine. These are all things I think about frequently. How do I live more with that childlike mentality about creating a colorful life and not feel stuck in the 9-5 rat race.

I want to use this course to create ideas. To find better ways of self expression. Written word has always been my preferred method but I’d like to think outside of that box. To allow ideas to flow through my veins and out of my fingertips in any way that feels fitting.


Anyone interested in this program, I got it from Udemy – Click here

Also, I highly recommend reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic.

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