Hobbies, Jobs, Career, Vocation.

Section two of the Creativity Workshop is Structure Your Life for Creative Living, and while short I think it is going to have a big impact on opening my mind. This lesson is centered around distinguishing between these four categories:

  1. Hobbies – What you do purely for pleasure. Hobbies are for fun!
  2. Jobs – The must have, how you pay your bills. Understanding jobs don’t have to fulfill you. They are not your whole life but they are necessary for living.
  3. Career – A job with passion. Not a must have! If you don’t love your career you shouldn’t have one.
  4. Vocation – This is the voice of the Universe, a Divine invitation, a fire you keep going. It is something no one can give to you and no one can take it away from you.

I’ll admit I have jumbled up all four of these in search of something grand, a way in which to blend together everything I felt pulled toward. Only now I am learning they don’t have to overlap. They are not mutually exclusive. And they can exist and be pursued on an individual basis.

Elizabeth Gilbert has a great FB post on this (here).

Creative Notebook Prompt #2: Sorting through these elements in my life.

What activities do I currently participate in on a daily basis?
I work. I take care of the kids. I interact with friends. I listen to music and podcasts. I write. Most days I do some form of exercise. I cook. I play Words With Friends. I read when I can.

Now label each activity accordingly:

Listening to music and podcasts. Playing Words With Friends. Cooking. Caring for the kids and nurturing friendships are necessities but will fall under this category for the sake of labeling them. Writing. Exercising. Reading.

My job is my job. It is definitely not a career. Just a means to generate an income and pay the bills.


Writing. It doesn’t make me any money (yet?) but it is something I have always felt called to do. As a creative outlet, a stress reliever, as something I always loved and needed in my life.

Reflecting on these categories:

Can any of the hobbies be moved toward the career category? What will it take? What are the risks and rewards involved?
The only hobby that could become a career is exercising since I am a certified personal trainer and health coach. I fell in love with coaching during my schooling but allowed my fears and insecurities to hold me back. I vowed to get back to it but so far have continued making excuses. It would take time and a whole lot of effort to relearn and get reacquainted with that path. My time for some things would diminish and sacrifices would have to be made. I would also have to overcome my fear of failure. Worth it? Of course.

Is it necessary to keep my day job, are there ways I could carve out adequate time to pursue my creative hobbies on the side? What trade offs might that require?
I need a steady income so quitting my job is not an option, and right now picking up another second job isn’t either. I can make more time for my hobbies outside of work by prioritizing my time and attention. I can also make better use of my breaks at work in order to write or research creative projects. I have to say Yes to myself more instead of giving into what other people want from me or my time.

What is my vocation? What do I need to keep making time for in my life even if no one will ever pay me for it or I will never earn recognition?
Easily writing in a more creative form. Getting back into writing poetry and ditching the notion that it has to be formatted a certain way in order to ‘qualify’ as poetry. I need to uncensor myself, get out what I am feeling, write from my core instead of wasting my time just getting words onto a blank canvas. Also, sharing it more. Stop fearing what other people may think. Stop caring if no one even reads it. Just put it out there into the Universe in an effort to get it out of me. If it happens to connect to someone else, all the better. But that shouldn’t even concern me.


I got out more with that one than I had actually anticipated. Let’s see where it leads me…

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