Checking In.

If I had to pinpoint one of my weak points it would be consistency. I have so many ideas and plans, and typically I am full speed ahead right out the gate. Until life starts to interfere, other plans and ideas and responsibilities pile on, and I get farther and farther away.

That is exactly how I feel about my little blogging space. I want to nurture it and water it and watch it grow. I have this intense desire to connect, and writing has always been my preferred method of doing just that.

But then I start to doubt myself and what it is I have to say. Who really wants to read what I have to say?

So I start trying to plot out all of these ideas and what I could write about. And sometimes what I come up with feels so authentic and I have this urgency to get it out. When push comes to shove though I get stage freight. Is that really the best way I can say it all? Does this encompass everything I want to convey?

I become paralyzed by my perfectionism.

 It’s a frustrating cycle and one I am working hard to finally break free from. I have been doing a lot more meaningful writing every single morning, before the sun rises, before the littles rise, before the day can get its hands on me. And I think so much more is starting to come up to the surface. I think I am finally ready to share more of myself with a little slice of the world. Consistently.
So… hello.
I’ll be back soon.

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