Less IS more.

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Living on less means many different things to me.

It means living without unnecessary extras. It means living without excess. It means eating in moderation and with the intention of fueling my body. It means not spending frivolously. It means less distractions.

But I also do not want nor intend to make this about ‘cutting things out.’ No, instead it’s about adding more of the good stuff in.

It means more time spent cooking healthy meals which I really enjoy. Not only does my food taste better and my body feel better after eating it, it’s a means of connection, to my body and the bodies of the little ones I’m looking after. It’s also relaxing and helps me de-stress. It means more love, time and attention to my family, my circle, my work, my self expression. It means more time to dream while I’m awake. It means more time to move and enrapture my body. It means more time to meditate and turn inwards but also more time to learn from others. It means more time to get outside, more time spent at play, and more time to rest when I need it. It truly means more of what matters most.

Growing up in a lower middle class single parent home meant we had to make do with what we had. My sisters and I didn’t always have the latest toys or the fanciest clothing. We went out to eat when it was ‘kids eat free’ night. We had to save for and earn the special stuff we wanted. But never did we feel we were going without. We lived in a loving, safe home, always had food on the table, had friends to play with and the freedom to roam around until dusk, and then we had a nice warm bed to sleep in at night.

Essentially where I’m at now is returning to those basics.

As an adult I haven’t ever been one for flashiness. I haven’t ever had a fancy car. I don’t wear designer clothing or buy a new wardrobe with the changing of the seasons. I’m not one for going out much, whether it be for dinner, drinks or a night on the town. The house isn’t overwhelmed by electronics or over the top decor. I was raised to live within my means and so I always have.

That’s not to say I don’t indulge from time to time. But it’s always been more about the experience or the company I’m with than how much I’m spending. I value time and connection more than I value materials.

I trip up though. I am human. Some days I worry more about how much I am making than the experience I am providing. I get stressed about doing all the things instead of doing a few each day and doing them well. Some mornings I feel rushed and impatient and lose my temper. But my aim is less of all of that. The goal is to enjoy the little moments before they are gone. To prioritize better and to lighten up (my Capricorn nature makes that hard!).

I don’t feel as though working toward ‘less’ means I am giving anything up. It isn’t deprivation. It isn’t misery. It isn’t lack. It’s a return to what matters. It is a heightened sense of joy. It’s far more of what lights me up, tickles me, makes me laugh, puts a smile on my face, and helps me sleep soundly at night. It’s more of feeling good – about myself, my family, my home, my career, the energy I am putting out into the world, the reality I am creating, the way in which I am raising my nieces, and the way I am showing up.

Returning to a more simplistic way of living is less taxing on my body, my mind, and my spirit. This is the path to knowing myself better. The path to healing old trauma. To getting really real with myself instead of masking problems or trying to shove them aside. This is my way of standing face to face with who I am and who I want to become.



Not what you do, but how you do what you do determines whether you are fulfilling your destiny. And how you do what you do is determined by your state of consciousness.

Each year for the last several years I’ve chosen one area of my life to focus on bettering. With one word ‘theme’ to sum it up. This year I chose my spirituality and only now, in September, did the path reveal itself to me – Consciousness.

I’ve been exploring and working to strengthen my spirituality by various means over the years. I’ve had an on/off yoga practice. I’ve tried meditation and breathing exercises. I pray more. I have rituals I feel help guide and cleanse me. And although my spirituality has grown, I still feel as though it isn’t deeply rooted enough. I dip my toes in these different practices but I am not faithful enough or consistent enough to rise to the next level.

For the last few weeks I have been vowing to step up my game. Being in the field in which I work, using my body for healing and comfort, I’ve begun to deplete my own resources at a rapid rate. I’m exhausted all the time. Each week a different area of my body aches. My eating habits are all over the place. I drink too much on weekends to “de-stress.” And I don’t incorporate more movement than is necessary into my daily repertoire.

Then yesterday I hit a breaking point.

I’d fallen right back into living on autopilot. Caring more on some days than on others. Giving more on some days than on others. And where has that gotten me? Exhausted. Frustrated. Giving in. Distracted. And most importantly, not any closer to fulfillment.

Conscious: adjective
aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.

This is how I want plan to shift my awareness. Toward consciousness. Toward being mindful. Toward being aware in each moment, in each situation, in each relationship, in each interaction, during each meal, with every step and every breath, and with every single thought that crosses my mind.

I realize how this will happen shifts from day to day. And not every day will I live up to my own expectations. After all, I am human. Realizing this serves to enhance my consciousness. What is important is I am making my best effort and showing up, for myself and for others, each and every day,

In order to live in alignment with my true calling – serving others – I have to be sure I am serving myself first though. A concept I long felt to be selfish. However, I’ve come to understand the importance of taking care of my whole being before I can give to others. To do that I absolutely must be good to myself. Forgiving. Loving. Nurturing.

Today that came in the form of alone time, cooking a big delicious breakfast, drinking lots of coffee, doing a little yoga, and giving so much love to my little ones. Doing better today means I can be even better tomorrow. And tomorrow, who knows how I will rise to the occasion. Just as long as I do.

I used to believe I had to punish myself in order to get ahead. I had to workout hard, eat less, suffer more. It’s unfortunate there are many people who still follow those rules. However, I’m no longer one of them.

Sitting here on this sunny Monday morning, aware of my own existence, sensations, thoughts, and surroundings. Living consciously. I feel really good.

Never Settle.

“Never settle” means something different to everyone.

For me, it means to never get comfortable. Never allow yourself to be resigned to certain situations and circumstances. Fight like hell for what you want but don’t be rigid about it. Don’t accept something simply because someone else says it is so.

For me, it means to work harder, go farther, stay hungry. It means to chase down dreams but don’t be foolish enough to pass up opportunities. Be open to detours. Because sometimes the things you want in life don’t come packaged the way you expect them to.

It also means don’t settle for something mediocre because it’s stable if it isn’t also exciting. Whether it be a job, a city, or a relationship. Never accept less than what you’re worth. Be confident but not cocky. Know when it’s necessary to compromise and when to stand your ground.

Never Settle means to know your worth – at all times. Know you are good enough, capable enough, smart enough, determined enough. Walk away from that which no longer serves you – people, relationships, jobs, workouts. Learn to tap into and trust your intuition.

Be weird. Be wild. Go on adventures or stay home. Love big. Love hard. Give love a chance. Try something new, even if you wind up hating it. Count life’s experiences not what’s in the bank. Dance more. Laugh more.

Live up to your own expectations.

Just please, don’t ever settle for anything less. Because you are worth everything.

Just a dream.

Your voice in my dream
Calling out
You said
I looked around, unsure
But it was to me

Tonight I sleep
With tear stained cheeks
I’ll never know your call,
never know your touch,
never know your breath,
never know your love

I still long for you
long after you’ve left
I see you only in my memories

What I Need.

I have far greater needs than to be taken care of materialistically. I need love. I need support. I need strength when I’ve got none. I need affection. I need to be smiled at. I need to be held. And to sometimes be sung to sleep by the sound of a beating heart.

I don’t need money. I don’t need security. I don’t need unrealistic expectations. I don’t need flowers or gifts. I don’t need a big home and stuff to fill it with. I don’t need fancy cars or gold on each finger. I don’t need extravagance. I don’t need things.

I need to love and be loved. Unconditionally. Met in the middle and sometimes beyond. I need to be put in my place when I’m wrong and apologized to when I’m right. I need there to not be right or wrong, only communication and understanding. I need there to be depth. And I need belly laughter. Let there be tears we dry together. And moments of silence filling the space.

Look at me and tell me you love me without words. Look at me as though I am the last piece of the puzzle. Look at me and see me. And let that be enough.

How Did I Get Here?

I want this to be the last I write about this.

I want this to be the last day I hold any resentment or regret.

I want this to be the day I unshackle myself and become free.

There was a moment tonight when I started to really wonder, more than I ever had before, how I got to be here. How did I blink and become 34? Why did the years pass on without a long lasting love? Why did I make a decision at 22 yet now I am living the life I suffered to avoid?

How did my life become everything I tried to escape?

Where did I go wrong?

I mean, I do genuinely feel in some respects I’m in a place I was meant to be. There are certain situations and people that have come into my life and it feels like a piece of the puzzle has been solved. Yet on the flip side I have so many holes, so many stones left unturned, dreams unfulfilled, pages unwritten, life unlived.

So how did I end up here? Why didn’t I leave when I had the chance? Why didn’t I live while I had the chance?

These emotions rear their ugly heads from time to time, and I know full well it’s because I haven’t yet accepted where I am. I haven’t accepted that my life hasn’t gone at all according to ‘plan.’ I haven’t accepted that, yes, some of my own decisions got me here. I sure as hell haven’t fully accepted that this is it, for always and forever, until I draw my last breath. And at times I can’t even imagine my life any differently.

So how do I finally put these feelings to rest? How do I fully step into where I am and who I am? How do I make peace, forgive (others and myself), and put the ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’ to rest?

Sometimes I think I’m getting there. Until that moment I get tripped up, lose sight, begin resenting, and eventually land in the question of ‘how did I get here?’ It’s a vicious cycle. A cycle I am desperate to escape.

I know there is no well traveled road to get me there, that no one can really guide me. Because everyone’s journey is unique. No matter the similarities, the variables are too great and ultimately I have to step into healing on my own. I have to forge my own path. I have to heal my own heart, mend my own fences, and find my own way.

I’m ready now though. Really ready. I’m ready to let go of this baggage I’ve been carrying around, using as an excuse, stumbling over, and trying to hide. I’m ready to be set free. Ready to become someone better.

I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and do the dirty work. I’m ready to dig in, tear my heart out and finally stitch it up. I’m ready to be someone to another. I’m ready to not be alone in this life. I’m ready to be part of something greater than myself, leaving behind ego for selflessness.

I’m ready to step into my divine power. Own my life. Own my shit. By any means necessary.

I know it’s going to hurt. Like hell. I know it’s going to be emotional and painful. I know I’m going to have to tear down my walls and actually FEEL all of this. I have to bleed it out, throw it up, and flush it away. I have to drag myself through the muck kicking and screaming until I’ve finally expelled every last bit of the past from my limp body.

And then I have to pick myself back up, take a deep breath, face the sun, and start walking. Only then will I have truly let go. And only then will my heart be healed.


Have you ever felt like a visitor in your own life? As though you don’t belong anywhere? Not among any group of people, not in any situation, relationship, space or time? A deep rooted feeling of not belonging. Unable to shake. Unbearable to carry.

Yet this is my life.

For as long as I can remember I never felt like I fit in. Not in school, not at a job, not with friends, not in romantic relationships, and not even with my family. I have always felt like “that one over there.” People kind of like me, or maybe they like the idea of me, yet no one wants to claim me. No one wants to call me their own, part of their tribe, a piece of their puzzle.

I can only get so close to people. I can only do so well at work. I can only do so much for others. Still going unnoticed, head down, and constantly fighting for a place in this world.

Being a loner hasn’t always been self imposed. It’s just that you get tired of feeling less than. It hurts more to stand along the fray of the crowd than to omit your translucence from the picture. It hurts more to stare at the phone waiting for someone to care enough to ask how you are and really want to know. And it’s crippling to continue to put trust in the wrong people who are all to quick to take advantage of your generosity and kind heart.

This is why I long to live between the mountains and the fields. My bones ache to feel more connected to the earth than to its people. The sun a more steady presence than most, and the moon more faithful than any man I’ve ever been with.

I yearn to come and go as I please, answering to no one, asking for comfort from the stars and kisses from cool breezes.

I don’t belong here. I’ve never belonged anywhere. And no one would miss me if I were gone.

Some day my time to roam will come. Some day I will find a sense of belonging within myself, and there I’ll make a home.